The AGP is a collaborative partnership between industry and Government that represents a long-term commitment to maintain and grow the second largest aerospace economy in the world.

Governance and Structure

The is AGP is chaired by Colin Smith.

The AGP’s strategic objectives are addressed through the Working Groups. These groups consist of individuals from industry, government, public bodies, academia and trade associations from a broad array of backgrounds. The AGP works hard to ensure that participants represent the full range of UK aerospace stakeholders.

AGP activities receive direction and oversight from the AGP Board, an ad-hoc group of senior industry and government individuals chaired by Colin Smith. This group ensures that all AGP activities support UK aerospace’s strategic objectives. The Working Groups report regularly to the Board.

AGP Working Groups

Each of the Working Groups comprise of a relevant range UK aerospace stakeholders from across industry, government and academia. There are currently 5 AGP Working Groups:

  • Strategy WG
  • Manufacturing WG
  • Skills WG
  • Supply Chain WG
  • Engagement WG

Previously there was also an AGP Technology Working Group, however this activity has now been absorbed into the work of the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI):



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