Aerospace Industrial Cadets Programme (AICP)

The Aerospace Industrial Cadets Programme

Providing the new industry standard for workplace experiences

The Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP) is lending its support to tackling the industry skills shortage at its root through the Aerospace Industrial Cadets Programme (AICP). The AICP enables companies in the sector to deliver high quality workplace experiences to young people in their recruitment catchment area. This ensures that as many suitable candidates as possible are encouraged to study subjects relevant to aerospace careers and that they are aware of and encouraged into jobs that are available in the industry. Industrial Cadets was inspired by an idea by HRH the Prince of Wales who remains interested in the programme.

This employer focussed quality accreditation programme will inform and inspire young people aged 11- 19 about the Aerospace Industry. AICP will provide a structure for the Aerospace sector to communicate with young people and reward them for work experiences at Bronze, Silver or Gold levels – it will be a key support to the apprenticeship pipeline. The AICP framework focuses on employer business needs and operation plus develops young people by developing their creativity, collaboration, communication, teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, digital, personal and interpersonal skills plus motivating them to enter the aerospace sector by providing career information..

Since 2012 IC has:

  • Graduated 6200 as Industrial Cadets.
  • Accredited over 100,000 learner training hours.
  • Engaged with 350 employers.
  • Trained 530 IC mentors.
  • Helped 95% of cadets feel their personal skills had improved.
  • Graduated 45% female cadets.
  • Helped 70% Cadets feel they are more likely to enter industry as direct result of IC.

Employer benefits of this programme include strengthening the company journey with student programmes, give potential cost savings in work experience programmes, align companies with an industry recognised accreditation inspired by HRH The Prince of Wales, offer opportunities for staff to develop personal skills though mentor and schools engagement training and give access to IC Online Network for employers and students across the whole UK.

Companies’ activities can be accredited to IC levels and backed up with resources specific to the Aerospace sector. Resources include sector certificates, awards, careers materials, sector presence on IC Network, sector careers information on the Online network, a AICP IC toolkit with case examples, typical delivery models, sector impact reports, access to IC Network functions, starter packs – guidelines on how to join/participate in IC, engagement with schools/young people, how to access Network… (seeking pull-through to other levels and apprenticeships/recruitment) and Mentor/School Engagement training sessions.

Companies in the Aerospace sector who would like explore working with the Aerospace Industrial Cadet Programme should contact and visit our website at

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